Monitoring Multiple Google Analytics Profiles (2012 version)

I wrote about monitoring multiple analytics profiles back in 2010. A lot has changed since… The Google Analytics interface has changed, we now have to deal with “accounts”, “properties” and “profiles” and, only recently, Google completely changed the way their API works. So my previous solution suddenly stopped working. By chance, I stumbled upon a beautiful article by Valeriu Timbuc and that prompted me to move forward and rebuild my little system. It’s going to use Oauth and (thanks to this article) have a cool new look based on Flot for jQuery.

I’m not going to write a tutorial or anything, I’m way to lazy for that, just check the archive at the end of the article and make sure to replace correct values for Client ID, Client Secret, Redirect URI, Developer Key and Account ID. Just remember this is where you register your app¬†with Google and get a developer key and the rest. Not the most straightforward process, but you’ll be fine.

Once you’re done with all that and you wrapped your head around Oauth in PHP and the Google API, the result will look something like this:

Monitor Multiple Google Analytics Profiles (Graphs by Flot)

Get the code here

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