How to build a website layout in 30 minutes

Ok, it’s more like an hour if you include:
- a bit of pencil and paper sketching (5 mins)
- actually searching for stock images (5 mins)
- coming up with that brilliant and innovative logo, drawing and scanning (5 mins)
- building the layout in fireworks (the video below) (30 mins)
- pondering and day-dreaming (15 mins)

The video below is my first (poor) attempt at a screencast/tutorial kind of thing. It features me building a website from scratch using Adobe Fireworks.  The completed work is ready to be sliced, html-ed and published (this time someone other than me will be making a little CMS for the client).
I’m sorry the video isn’t more “fluid”. After I made it I realized I used the wrong tools, the wrong settings, encoding, etc. Next one will be better…

Please note, this is certainly not a “best practices” or “formal tutorial” type of thing. I’m not going to say it’s a beautiful design and I’m certainly NOT saying that if it takes 1 hour to make it should be cheap. This was done as a favor to a friend who owns a small dentist’s office. It just shows that it can be done, that’s all.

Final layout:

How to build a website layout in 30 minutes

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