First you buy the camera

Yes, bought a new camera. So will be posting photo stuff from now on.

On this glorious occasion I’ve decided to reveal the mastermind behind the website.
I give you… Veve.


Burning Santa

Burning Santa

He might look hard core, but he’s actually a pretty decent squirrel. Except for when he gets mad.
Like that one time I set a mechanical singing Santa Claus on fire and used Veve as an extra in the film. That’s when his whiskers got burnt. Using dimethyl carbinol as fuel and a hairspray can and lighter as the igniter worked pretty good though. Except for the smell and Veve’s accident…
Well, the end result was pretty neat with the Santa melting into this grotesque pile of black plastic and red fabric and with the mechanical parts still trying to operate and Santa going out of tune and all… But that’s another post.
Still, here’s a preview on the right ->

Veve is kind of a short nickname derived from the word “veverita”. Which means squirrel. Wanna pronounce it? Give it a try: veh-veh-ree-tzah. The stressed syllable is the first one.

And this will hopefully start my new series of posts on photography. Yes, tips&tricks, productivity tools, things about aperture and white balance and ISO stuff.
All this, and much more, from the guy who just bought his first DSLR camera. Been using it for 2 days now, and I think it’s about time to share the knowledge. With the world. And in particular with the 5 people reading my blog. You are blessed…

Watch out for pictures of my cat…

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