Tearing my HP NX8220 apart

1. Please understand that the procedures pictured below should always be performed with safety in mind and that I am in no way responsible for any damage you do to the computer, the software or yourself.
2. This is not a tutorial and I am not an expert
3. I tried to follow as best I could the official service manual found on an unofficial site (ftp://ftp.hs-heilbronn.de/vdb/compaq/manuals/nc_nx_nw8000/)

If anyone is interested in getting more details about any of the procedures below, please tell me. Otherwise, this is just the little photo story of my journey. There is a problem I was hoping to fix by putting an insulated coin under the motherboard (see section 2 above), but that’s a different story that spans many many pages and terms like “product recall” and “planned obsolescence” come to mind. If you want more on that, go to hp service forums or google “hp nx8220 southbridge problem”. Anyway, the outcome was NOT what I expected, I didn’t fix the problem and I’ve added “no video” to the list :) I’ve also given up until I find someone who knows what they’re doing.

Updated on 23rd of October 2011: HP did some updating and shuffling of their forums. The old discussion can still be found here.

backside of hp nx8220

backside of hp nx8220 - remove battery and hard drive lid

remove hard drive

remove hard drive

nx8220 hard drive

nx8220 hard drive

nx8220 bluetooth module

nx8220 bluetooth module

nx8220 bluetooth module

nx8220 bluetooth module

nx8220 wifi board

the wireless card below the touchpad, black and white wires are the atenna

nx8220 touchpad

the touchpad

removing the keyboard

removing the keyboard

nx8220 control panel media buttons

the media panel (i think that's what it's called) underside

removing the media panel

removing the media panel

nx8220 without media panel, keyboard, touchpad

removed the media panel, keyboard, touchpad

nx8220 southbridge faulty connector

the faulty southbridge beneath the wireless card

nx8220 thermal plate

the thermal plate

nx8220 thermal plate removed

thermal plate removed

hp nx8220 thermal plate underside

other side of thermal plate, fan

nx8220 heatsink


nx8220 removing the screen part 1

removing the screen part 1

nx8220 removing the screen part 2

removing the screen part 2

nx8220 removing the screen part 3

the screen part and antenna

nx8220 stripped

screen removed

nx8220 the top plastic part

naked (the top plastic part)

nx8220 mainboard


nx8220 audio board connectors

audio board cobles

nx8220 VGA connector

VGA connector (and pliars)

nx8220 system board

naked system board

nx8220 bottom plastic plate

bottom plastic plate

nx8220 the mess

the mess

nx8220 southbridge chipset

the culprit

coin solution

the solution

nx8220 the horror

the horror :)

3 Responses to “Tearing my HP NX8220 apart”

  1. Cordell Boisen says:

    Super-Duper internet site! I am loving it!! Will arrive back again once more – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  2. Alex says:

    Ok, here is the problem that left you with no video and … no motherboard.
    When you “build” again your tablet, on thermal plate the screw no 7 was too long and make a little pierce on the northbridge ( I’m not sure it is northbridge). So… it is possible that your solution with isolated coins was good.

  3. Squirrel says:

    Damn those long screws! Well, hope you had fun with it, Alex :)
    So they planned for the damned chip to fail after two years, they programmed the battery to die after 500 charge cycles and they purposely put in two slightly different types of screws so that you would get confused and kill it if you ever tried to open it and put it back together again! Really no chance of survival for the old thing… Damn you HP, and damn you, screw no 7!
    Anyway, I’ve moved on now. Time to hate Apple :)

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