HyperJuice External Battery for MacBook, iPhone, iPad

I’ve been recently searching for an external iPhone battery. I didn’t want one of those battery cases, they seem to heavy, too thick and not very comfortable. Besides, I would only need it while traveling. I was looking for a decent size battery, that could keep my iPhone on for an extra 5-6 hours during heavy use with maps and navigation. A battery I could normally carry in a backpack, but could also be carried inside a jacket in case of an emergency.

I’ve been looking at more than one model, including Mophie (that won’t sell to Romania) and I finally decided on HyperJuice. The final reason was the fact that in can also charge my MacBook. You do need to buy an extra adapter from Apple, but even so, it seemed like a good deal.

I received the battery two days ago (not for Romania: you might need to do customs on it if you’re ordering as a company, including paying VAT). I chose UPS for transport.

In the end, I went with this one: HyperJuice 60Wh

A few images:

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

The box is plain. Not special in any way. We are talking about a battery here…

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

Brown cardboard.

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

The battery on top, cables, charger and adapter below.

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

This is the contents of the box. Form left to right: power cable (European version) with charger, US cable, the battery itself and a lighter adapter (more on that in a minute).

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

The front (or the back?) panel of the battery:
- power connector – I was a bit puzzled reading “Charge” on it. What is it supposed to charge? The battery or my laptop?
- a button (the only one) that lights up a series of 4 little green lights
- 4 LEDs (you can see 5 in the image above but I couldn’t figure out the first one) – they indicate the charge level
- a USB plug (you can charge different types of phone that way)
- laptop plug (confusingly similar to the power plug!)

You can also spot the crooked USB plug! Also, the USB cable easily slides out of place…

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

I would say that the build quality leaves a lot to be desired… I’ve read a lot of comparisons to Apple, that it perfectly fits their line of products. Get real. The only thing that’s similar is the aluminum casing. And that’s where the comparison stops. The front and back plastic panels feel cheap, the aluminum doesn’t have the same finish as Apple’s.

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

Size comparison. I’m satisfied. You can’t keep this in your jeans, but you could put it inside a warmer jacket. Anyway, I bought it to be used inside a backpack.

Baterie externa HyperJuice pentru Macbook, iPhone, iPad

The instructions manual is simple and clear. The only thing that might not be clear to some at first is the lighter adapter.

It’s very important to understand that this battery will NOT work with your MacBook until you purchase the Airline Adapter from Apple (around 60$). This adapter has a lighter plug at one end, and the MacBook power adapter at the other. This might not be the cutest setup (power cable to charger to convertor to battery to lighter convertor to lighter airline adapter to laptop) but I guess it works. The reason behind this is that Apple sued the company so they cannot bundle Apple’s adapters or convertors.

I’m testing this right now. As I work from home, my iPhone is continously plugged into the previously charged battery (it’s beed that way for about 24 hours). I would estimate that the charge will hold for about 4 days, using the iPhone in a “normal” fashion (GPS, WiFi, browsing, gaming).

The price (for Romania) was 169,95$ for the battery + 47,94$ for UPS shipping + 42,2$ VAT = 260,09 $.

I’m content so far, will get back to you in a few days with my verdict.

Update 18th of February, 2013

Ok. So I’ve used this on a trip to Italy and it worked pretty good. Heavy use of my iPhone (several maps applications, often a GPS tracking/navigation app, plus camera photos and video) meant the phone could stay charged for more than 12 hours. Otherwise, I doubt it would have lasted more than 2-3 hours. The external battery never came close to being depleted. While it’s not the lightest solution out there, it was ok because I was using a backpack. I kept the external battery in my backpack, with a usb cord extending into my pants pocket. I never tried it for my MacBook because I don’t have an adapter yet. But I’m happy with it and can personally give it a thumbs up.

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